Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar lived from 1921 to 1990. A renaissance man and a master of Tantrik Yoga, he dedicated his life to the all-around development of human beings -- physically, mentally, and spiritually. He also proposed an extensive and practical ideology that fosters this development in a balanced manner with all life systems.

Mr. Sarkar's ideology, which he called Ananda Marga (the Path of Bliss) integrates the spiritual science of yoga with a dynamic social philosophy he called Neo-Humanism. Mr. Sarkar held that not only human beings, but all living beings are the expressions of the same Divine consciousness. His social ideas integrate a theory of evolution, history and social dynamics. They also address the questions of civilization and culture and the importance of art and literature in society. The spiritual science of yoga and the philosophy of Neo-Humanism form the conceptual base for Mr. Sarkar's political and economic theory which he called the Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT), to which this website is dedicated.

Mr. Sarkar advocated the upliftment of individuals through meditation and selfless service, and through the building of a social economy that would allow human beings to meet our basic needs as well as foster the attainment of our highest intellectual and spiritual potential. He founded a worldwide movement to implement this comprehensive vision of human development. As such there are many organizations that have been inspired by his vision and call to action -- Proutist Universal being one of them. Many of these organizations provide disaster relief, economic development, schools, clinics and children's homes, as well as advocate and organize for social change. Some teach yogic theory and practice without charge.

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