You can’t build a community without people who are committed to it. This chapter looks at the major stakeholders in any community development effort and lists web sites that are dedicated to strengthening them.
Older Persons
Human Services
Non-Profit Organizations
Small Business 
Local Government


National Parent Information Network
This site belongs to the ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education. It contains great information for improving parent’s ability to raise their children. Pointers to: About the National Parent Information Network • What's New on NPIN • Parent News (Updated Monthly) • Urban/Minority Families • Parents AskERIC • PARENTING Discussion List • Resources for Parents • Resources for Those Who Work with Parents • ERIC Information and Materials • Internet Resources for Parents and Those Who Work with Parents.

Generic Parenting Resources
Pointers to web sites like The Attachment Parenting Group (getting closer to your kids) • Prevention of Cruelty to Children • Resources for Moms at Home • Parents Helping Parents. All kinds of stuff to help parents manage children, improve their school performance, reduce stress etc.

The Parents’ Resource Almanac
This site deals with Parenting: Approaches and Techniques, especially Caring for Your Infant and Young Child. It contains pointers to: Free and Inexpensive Resources •
Books • Periodicals • Videotapes • Mail Order Catalogs • Associations.

Consumer Information Catalog
Family resources on basic needs. Literature on cars, children, employment • Federal programs • Travel and hobbies • Health • Food and nutrition • Housing • Money • Small business • Environment. Great practical information for making family life a little easier.

Consumer Line
Full text of more than 140 consumer and business publications. Useful information on investments, credit, telemarketing, working at home, autos, health and fitness, home and real estate, products, services and more. Also contains the "1997 Consumer's Resource Handbook".

Community Resources in Support of Families

National Network for Child Care Database
This is a wealth of information on child development. Leads to organizations and agencies. Information on running child care programs. Categories include child abuse, child care for employers, child development, choosing quality care, community development, curriculum and daily planning, disabilities, guidance and discipline, health, safety, nutrition, parent involvement and education, personal and professional development, and school age children.

National Network for Family Resiliency (NNFR)
Database of resources to strengthen families. NNFR is a part of CYFERNet, the Internet-based information service on children, youth and family.

Children, Youth & Families at Risk Initiative (CSREES)
Initiative to support youth in their families and communities. Programs are rural based. Excellent pointers to: child care • collaborations • family resilience • health • science and technology.

Community Based Programs for Youth at Risk
Youth are our greatest resource. Due to economic decline they are often neglected. When they begin to act out they are considered "at risk". This site provides project abstracts of ninety-six community-based projects for at-risk youth and their families. The abstracts include information on location, target audience, delivery modes, curricula used and major partners. You can also get information on program strategies, resources, sustainability and impact. A good site to visit when you are thinking about how to improve conditions for the young.

CYFERNet provides a central source for five cooperating networks and more than 100 community-based programs. Information is available on Health, Childcare, Building Organizational Collaborations, Promoting Family Strength, Family Resiliency, Science and Technology programs, Community-based programs, Families at Risk, and Family and Parenting Information and Resources. An excellent resource.

Pavnet (Partnerships Against Violence)
This is a one stop information source for seven government agencies (USDA, JUSTICE, EDUCATION, LABOR, HHS, HUD, DEFENSE) regarding youth at risk in both urban and rural settings. It profiles 533 programs that deal with the issues of community, youth, and family violence, substance abuse, and victims rights. There are also hundreds of files on foundation and federal funding sources as well as organizations that offer consultation, training and curricula. There are gopher links to federal clearinghouse and private sector databases providing violence prevention information.


Kids Web
A world wide web digital library for school kids. Lots of links to Art • Drama • Literature • Music • Astronomy • Biology • Chemistry • Computers • Environment • Geology • Math • Physics • Science • Weather • Geography • Government • History and more. A great place to learn.

Older Persons

Administration on Aging
Pointers to Eldercare Locator: How to get help for Older Persons • Info about AOA • Info useful to Older Persons, Families and Practitioners • National Aging Information Center • Other federal programs and Internet resources.


Websites for People with Disabilities
This site provides an extensive list of sites that promote the interests of people with disabilities. Categories include: Research Centers and Projects • Education • General Disability Sites • Associations, Organizations and Online Journals • Product Solution Providers • Government and Legal Services.


Jobs in Government
This site contains information on federal job listings across the country.

Recruiters On-Line Network
This site contains a job bank of over fifty job placement businesses across the country. Help in resumes etc.

Paul Green's Labor Union Page
This site contains pointers to a comprehensive list of labor union sites, resources, supportive political parties, bulletin boards etc.

OSHA Salt Lake Technical Center
This is the site of the computerized information system of the US Dept. of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Menu items include: Programs • Offices • Regulations • Documents • Technical information • Training • Publications.

OSHA: Servers of Interest
This site provides OSHA references to other services: Chemistry • Ergonomics • Safety • Health Services.


Women’s Net
WomensNet supports women's organizations worldwide by providing and adapting telecommunications technology to enhance their work. This site offers free articles on issues affecting women. There are also links to on-line conferences on hundreds of women’s issues, but you must be a member of IGC.

National Organization of Women (NOW)
The National Organization for Women (NOW). Pointers to: NOW/PAC Voters' Guide • Take Action/Key Issues/Fight the Right News • Press Releases • National NOW Times • Contacting NOW • Chapter and State Contacts • National Action Center Info: General Information/History/NOW Internships and Job Openings/NOW Conference/Join NOW • Search the NOW site • What’s New on the NOW site • Resources on the Internet • Send mail to NOW

The United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women
The United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW) advocates the improvement of the status of the women of the world and the achievement of their equality with men. It aims to ensure the participation of women as equal partners with men in all aspects of human endeavour. It promotes women as equal participants and beneficiaries of sustainable development, peace and security, governance and human rights. It strives to stimulate the mainstreaming of a gender perspective both within and outside the United Nations system.

“A place for Women and Girls Online” This site is dedicated to helping women on the Internet. Services offered are Cybergrrl Network (Cybergrrl Chat for real-time talks or the Cybergrrl Forums to be a part of posting board discussions with other members) • Vote For Cybergrrl! (What's Up with People Online? Get the Low-Down and Take Action!) • CYBERGRRL WEBNEWS (an e-mail of occasional musings from Cybergrrl about what's out there on the Web - fun reviews and cool links!) • Webgrrls Unite! (Links to women's personal websites as well as information about the international networking group of the same name) • Femina (The very first and best "Web Search for Women." Looking for websites by, for or about women? Femina is a vast, searchable database to help you find just what you are looking for) • WomenSpace (The first site for the unique health concerns of girls and young women) • coming soon: WomenZone (An online magazine for "Real Women with Real Lives.") • GirlZone ("For the Many Stages of a Girl's Life" (tm)(ages 8 & under, 9-12, 13-17)) • The Cybergrrl Store (where you can stock up on cool Cybergrrl and Webgrrl gear!)

Pleiades Network
The goal of Pleiades Networks is to create a community of women who share their knowledge and experience to help each other learn and grow as individuals. Areas include: • Internet Tools • Our Voices • Women’s Choice • Connections • Calendar • Classifieds.


This site was set up by Project Vote Smart. Links to the following sites: The Black History page • Black/African Culture • Congressional Black Caucus. • The DRUM African American Universities Page • Diversity Home Page • Diversity on the Internet: Latino/a and Chicano/a Resources and Asian American Resources • Ethnic Heritage Council • Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) • Index of Native American Resources on the Internet • LatinoLink • Myths about Multiculturalism • NAACP Plans 'Voter Empowerment Campaign' to Create Black Districts • National Minority Politics • National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning • Politically Incorrect Limmericks • Resources for Diversity • The Universal Black Pages • University of Pennsylvania African Studies Web.

Native Americans
This site provides an extensive list of resources for Native Americans.

African American Links
Links to: African and African-American Resources On The Net • African American Home Page • African-American Networking • African-American Web Connection • The Universal Black Pages • W.E.B. DuBois Institute for Afro-American Research.

ACON Homepage
ACON seeks to link individuals and organizations in the Asian Pacific American community devoted to: Social Service, Civil Rights, Health Services, Education, Employment and Arts.

Chicano-Latino Net
CLNet began as an effort to brings together Chicano/Latino research as well as linguistic minority and educational research efforts being carried out at the University of California. It now serves as a general Latino Focused Internet site serving all segments of the community. Pointers to: Jobs • Museum • Calendar • Libraries • Community • Statistics • Bronze Pages • Research • Students • About CLNet • CLNet Feature: Hispanic Heritage Month.

Human Services

Websites of Interest to Human Service Professionals and Students
Links to: The Domestic Violence Home Page • HabitSmart • Medical and Mental Health Links • Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Resources • The Web of Addictions • Helpful Things to Get Through Life.

Human Health and Global Environmental Change Internet Resources
Links to: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) • The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Gopher • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Wonder • The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Gopher • The World Health Organization (WHO) Gopher • The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Web Server • The Hunger Web • The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) • The Bitnet/Internet Health Science Resources List. This site also provides pointers to Listservers, Electronic Publications, Databases, FTP sites and Gophers.


CopNet and Police Resource List
CopNet Listings: Crime Prevention • Dogs-Search-Rescue • Electronic Crime • Events • Firearms • Forensics • Listservers • Missing • Most Wanted • Seminars • Traffic • Training. Search The Internet: U.S. Federal - State Court Finder • U.S. Supreme Court • Constitutions, Statutes and Codes • Law Library • Catalogs • U.S. House of Representatives Law Library • National Bureau of Transportation Statistics • Company Research • Security Exchange Commission Filings • Find People Utility • E-Mail Address Finder • Vital Records • WeatherNet • FAA Aircraft Regulations • Center for Disease Control • MediaFinder • NetCheck • Commerce Bureau Center •
Missing-Exploited Children • Yellownet • Switchboard • Yellow Pages Online • Bigbook • AT&T 800 Directory • Nynex Interactive Yellow Pages • GTE Superpages •
Misc. Sites • Four11 Directory Services.

Crime Time Publishing Company
If you want to do a little investigation, check this out. Categories include: Phone Sources • Investigative Organizations • Criminal Justice/Forensics • Government Agencies • Research Resources • More Investigative Links.


Ask Eric
This is the national education library of the US government. Pointers to: About AskERIC • Question & Answer Service • Virtual Library • New and Noteworthy • Research & Development • Search ERIC Database • AskERIC Sponsors • Feedback • Search.

21st Century Teachers
21st Century Teachers is a joint undertaking by several leading education organizations to encourage, recognize, and support educators who are developing skills in new technologies and using them in innovative ways with students and colleagues. This initiative is in support of the "teacher development" pillar of President Clinton's Educational Technology Initiative. Pointers to: What is 21st Century Teachers? • A Speech by President Clinton in which the formation of 21st Century Teachers is announced • A Press Briefing by Education Secretary Riley concerning the 21st Century Teachers initiative • Press Release: Tech Corps to Support 21st Century Teachers • USA Today Newspaper Article (5/30/96) • Registration Form for 21st Century Teachers • More information about 21st Century Teachers and the President's Educational Technology Initiative.

Heinemann’s Resource List
Educational hot topics • Archive of Warm Topics • Searching for Information • New Windmills Book Club • Heinemann English • Language Teaching • For Teachers • For Students • Heinemann Outcomes: Science Online • Arts, English, Health, Languages other than English, Mathematics, Technology, Science, Studies of Society and Environment.

Association for the Advancement of Computers in Education (AACE)
This is the site of the most prestigious organization dealing with “distance learning”. Besides publishing seven scholarly journals, AACE is responsible for over
a dozen conferences and seminars per year. Pointers to: What's New! • Publications • Conferences and Events • Divisions, Societies and Chapters • Inter-organizational Projects • Position Announcements • Grants/Funding Announcements • Membership •
Information Request Form.

The Impact of Technology
One of the burning questions regarding the use of technology in education is "Does technology (computers, multimedia, the Internet, etc.) improve the education of K-12 students?" This page pulls together resources that will help educators answer this question. Surveys, Bibliographies, Literature Reviews • Articles, Reports • Case Studies • Additional Resources.


Higher Education: How High the Price
This site contains a five-part series on higher education by the Philadelphia Inquirer entitled “How cost is putting college beyond reach for many students”

The National Association for Public Interest Law (NAPIL)
NAPIL was founded in 1986 by law students on 15 campuses to surmount the obstacles that bar access to equal justice for millions of poor and disadvantaged Americans. NAPIL has since grown into a national coalition of student organizations on 139 campuses -- seventy-five percent of all ABA-approved law schools. NAPIL is the largest organization in the country devoted exclusively to training the next generation of public service lawyers.

Center for Campus Organizing
This is the homepage of a student national clearinghouse promoting progressive activism and investigative journalism on US campuses. They provide resources to campus activists, link them with other groups, and help them develop the skills needed to become lifelong community activists.

The Campus Activists' Network
This is a project of the Center for Campus Organizing. It tell students how to subscribe to the following on-line mailing lists: 1.CAN-EC -- Economic Conversion. For campus activists who want to cut the military budget and put the money where it's needed.
2.CAN-RW -- Right Wing Alert. A discussion about the campus response to Right-wing trends in the US and on Campus. 3.CAN-SR -- Social Responsibility in the Curriculum. For those working to get peace studies, ethics in science, multicultural requirements, or environmental studies in the curriculum. 4.CAN-AR -- Anti-Racism. For campus activists involved in anti-racism activities. 5.CAN-ER -- Educational Rights. For people who are organizing against tuition increases and efforts to cut funding for higher education. 6.CAN-YFN -- Young Feminist Network. This is a woman-only discussion of feminist campus activism. 7.CAN-AJ -- Alternative Journalism. For people who are creating alternative campus media. Restricted subscription. 8.CAN-BC -- Boston Center. Discussion about setting up a new Boston Center for Campus Activism. Restricted to Boston area activists. 9.CAN-UCP -- University Conversion Project. For people who are campus contacts with UCP. Restricted subscription. 10.CAN-ALL -- a combination of 1 through 6 above. This lets you monitor all "open subscription" UCP lists so that you can "shop for" the ones you actually want to subscribe to.
WebActive is a weekly publication designed to offer progressive activists an up-to-date resource on the World Wide Web to find other organizations and individuals with similar values and interests.

The National Association of Graduate-Professional Students Homepage
This organization deals with issues facing students. Focus groups include: .Legislative Advocacy • Financial Aid • Graduate Student Employment • Health Insurance • Human Diversity • International Student Affairs • Income Taxation • Student Aid Crisis. For members there is also information on jobs and fellowships.

Non-Profit Organizations

Alternative America
This site provides information about a directory of 12,000+ politically, culturally, educationally, socially, economically progressive groups and organizations in the United States (with about 1,000 in other countries). You can order the book or mailing labels.

NonProfit Links
This site provides links to hundreds of resources. Links to: The Non Profit Resource Center • Hands Net • Amnesty International On-line • GrantsWeb WWW HomePage • Habitat for Humanity • IGC Information Internet and Related Online Resources for Not-for-Profits • Meta-index for Non Profits • Internet InfoCenter Features: Building Communities on the Internet Nonprofits • Web Guild • Select Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet • The Carter Center • Welcome to The Foundation Center's Home Page • Welcome to the WELL • Whole Earth Review.

Impact Online
This website connects you with individuals and organizations working for a better world. It will also help a nonprofit create its own web site.

Neighborhood Organizations and Empowerment
This is a great resource for local groups. Community networks, local governments and neighborhoods on the Internet. Pointers to News and updates • Email addresses of elected officials and media • Community planning and organization • Fundraising • Resources • Local examples • Federal programs and policy • Participation and politics • Telecommunications and media.

Action Without Borders
Links to 6000 organizations, publications and directories around the world that address personal, community and global issues. Also includes great tools for nonprofits and community based organizations: Computer and Internet services • Employment opportunities • Financial management • Foundations • Fundraising • Government relations and lobbying • Information on donors • Management and legal issues • Nonprofit support organizations • Personnel management • Public relations.

NonProfit Resources Catalog
Topics include: Finance • Administration • Community Development • Distant education • Information and referral • Tools • Oversight groups • Policy development • Quality • Social science research • Social work • State and federal agencies • Technology for nonprofits • Activism • Volunteer center.

National Center for Nonprofit Boards
Questions and answers on-line about nonprofit Board development: Q&A1: What Should I Know Before Joining the Board • Q&A2: How Should the Board Be Structured? • Q&A3: How Do We Safeguard Against Conflict of Interest? • Q&A4: What Goes in the Board Manual? • Q&A5: How Do I Keep My Board Members Informed? • Q&A6: How Do We Choose the Best Consultant? • Q&A7: How Do We Become a Nonprofit Organization? • Q&A8: Where To Find Research Resources on Nonprofits.

The Roberts Enterprise Development Fund
A Social Venture Capital Approach to the Support of Non-Profit Business Development.

Small Business

Entrepreneurial Edge On-Line
One stop shopping for small business development: Market plan • Financial management • Personnel • Public Relations. An on-line textbook. Be sure to see Business Builders. This series of articles take you through each step of building a business.

National Business Incubator Association
This site contains government and education resources for small business development.

This site contains all the databases of the United States Department of Commerce. You have to pay for it but its not too pricey. Check out these pointers: The Entire National Trade Data Bank • The Market Research Reports • The Country Commercial Guides • The Commercial Service • International Contacts • The Export Yellow Pages • Foreign Agricultural Programs • Archive of Historical Trade Leads • Over 100 Smaller NTDB Programs • U.S. Imports by Commodity • U.S. Exports by Commodity • U.S. Imports by Country • U.S. Exports by Country • Economic Bulletin Board Lite • The Trade Opportunity Leads • The Industry Sector Analysis • The International Market Insights • Daily Economic, Business and Trade News • Frequently Requested Statistical Releases • Business Cycle Indicators • Global Business Procurement Opportunities • The Commerce Business Daily • The Defense Logistics Agency Procurements • The Trade Opportunity Leads • Bureau of Economic Analysis Economic Information • BEA News Releases • Survey of Current Business • BEAwide Programs • National Programs (incl. National Income and Product Accounts, etc.) • Regional Programs (incl. Personal Income, Gross State Product, etc.) • International Programs (incl. International Transactions, FDI in the U.S., etc.) • The Washington Trade Center • WebEc - WWW Resources in Economics • WebEc - International Economics.

Small Business Administration
Business Planning • Business Financing • Business Startup • Business Schools/Education • Congressional Information • Consumer, Community, and State Information • Defense, Military and Intelligence • Electronic Commerce • Home Business • International • Internet • Job Opportunities/Labor Resources • Legal and Regulatory Resources • Literary and Library Resources • News - Journals/Mags/TV/Radio • Nonprofit Information • Patents, Trademarks, & Copyrights • Phone Books, Directories, and Maps • Procurement and Contracting • Science and Technology • Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) • Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) • Small Business Investment Companies (SBIC) • Travel and Transportation • Trade Shows and Conferences • Veterans • Welfare To Work • Women In Business • Year 2000 Issues • Search the Internet • Minority Enterprise Development.

Small Business Advancement National Center
The purpose of the Small Business Advancement National Center is to provide resources for furthering business and economic goals and strategies. This is accomplished through consulting, educating, and training existing and potential small business owners, employees, and youth. These activities are provided locally, nationally, and internationally through electronic linkages, distance learning, seminars, camps, conferences, newsletters, and counseling sessions. Research and information is dispersed through its extensive electronic information links.

Foundation for Enterprise Development
This is a great site for businesses that want to create Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) and other forms of equity compensation for workers.

Internet Green Marketplace: Progressive Businesses Web Pages
A clearinghouse of socially responsible businesses and investment information on the net. Links to Organizations • Publications • Mailing Lists • Government Support Agencies.

Export USA
Consulting services, manuals and seminars on how to set up an export business. There is a charge for materials and services.

Local Government

Local Government Net
This site is dedicated to linking public administration with citizen participation efforts in community development. The focus is on Telecommunications • Civic networking • Civic dialogue and Citizen participation. Information and support services to put local governments on-line to streamline internal operations, improve delivery of services, reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, bring educational opportunities to local schools, and help businesses prosper in local markets.

Palo Alto City Profile
Creating a web site for your community is a great tool for community organizing and information sharing. This site is a good model for profiling a community on the Internet. It covers the vital information and allows local citizens to have a feel for their town. Pointers to: Arts and Culture • Child Care and Education • City Council Agenda • Community Services • Economic Resources • Employment • Entertainment and Events • Environmental • Facts and Figures • Feedback • Fire • Floodzones • Government • Library • Organizations • P.A. Comnet • Parking • Permitting and Inspections • Police • Recreation • Schedule of Meetings • Transportation • Utilities • What's New •
Whom to Call.

The International Local Government Home Page
A collection of community web pages from local governments around the world.

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI)
This site serves as a clearing house on Sustainable Development and environmental protection policies, programs and techniques at the local level.

International Union of Local Authorities
Welcome to the home page of the International Union of Local Authorities, the world-wide voice of democratic local self-government. Check out the IULA Declaration of Local Self-Government.

International Daughter Companies Network (IDCN)
The International Daughter Companies Network (IDCN) is exploring international business opportunities to benefit local governments.


Five Good Reasons for Cooperatives
Cooperatives are great business structures to forward economic development. They support human development, worker satisfaction, poverty reduction and the life style changes that allow for greater local self-reliance. They also build cooperation and team spirit. A concise article on the benefits of cooperatives for community building. The reasons are 1) Cooperatives are Community Enterprises, 2) Cooperatives promote Democracy, 3) Cooperatives build Open Markets, 4) Cooperatives raise Human Dignity and 5) Cooperatives are Systems for Development.

Cooperative Links
National Cooperative Business Association • National Cooperative Bank • National Council of
Farmer Cooperatives

Workers Cooperative Legislation
At this site you can find the complete text of the state of New York's legislation on Cooperatives. An in-depth legal description and supportive document.

Clearinghouse and General Source for Cooperative Information
Links to Cooperative alliances • Food cooperatives • Community and housing cooperatives • Consumer cooperatives • Workers cooperatives • Rural and agricultural cooperatives • health care cooperatives • energy cooperatives • credit unions • Internet cooperatives. Includes definition of coops, history, general information and more.

This is the site of the largest cooperative alliance in the world. Based in Spain, Mondragon is comprised of financial, industrial production and distribution cooperatives. They produce automotive equipment and components, capital goods, catering equipment, construction materials, domestic appliances, electronic components, furniture, sports and leisure equipment and more. Who said it couldn't be done!?

Worker Owned and Operated
There are, of course, many other cooperative-like organizations and organizational theories in the world besides the Mondragon experiment. Here are some web pages that can provide even more information on cooperatives and other worker-owned and/or operated political and economic systems.

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