The following sites are listed to help us reach useful information quickly. The references, databases, directories and servers provide additional help to continue research into the issues that confront us as community members.



Merriam Webster Dictionary
Type in your word. If you misspell it, the WWWebster Dictionary will give you a list of similar words to chose from. You will receive a list of definitions to the word just as you would in a normal dictionary. Hot link to thesaurus.

Roget’s Thesaurus
The on-line version of this classic. Search words by the six classifications: I.Words Expressing Abstract Relations, II. Words Relating To Space, III. Words Relating To Matter, IV. Words Relating To The Intellectual Faculties; Formation and Communication of Ideas, V. Words Relating To The Voluntary Powers; Individual And Intersocial Volition, VI. Words Relating To The Sentiment and Moral Powers

Biographical Dictionary
This dictionary contains biographical information on over 18,000 people
from ancient times to the present day. These are the notable men and women who have shaped our world. Information contained in the Dictionary includes birth and death years,
professions, positions held, literary and artistic works and other achievements. The Dictionary is searchable by these, and other categories using keywords.

Public Information Research - Name Base
If you remember a name of somebody newsworthy and you can’t remember where you read about him or her, go to this site and type in the name. You will receive a list of articles, books and other publications in which that name appears.

Measurement Conversion Calculator
No need to look anywhere else. Converts any measurement into any other (just about).

Conversion Table for Cooking
US to Metric, Metric to US and Cooking Measurement Equivalents.

Poisons and Antidotes
This site lists about fifty poisonous substances and home remedies to deal with them. You will also want to call your nearest hospital.

Post Office Information
No crowds. No lines. And this post office is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
If you need stamp information, want to find out about mailing options, or look up ZIP Codes, you're in the right place. Pointers to: ZIP Codes • Addressing • Stamps • Postage Rates • Consumer Information • Local Postal Information • Address Changes -- MoversNet • Phone Card • Express Mail Tracking • Post Office Locator • State Department Passport Information. A good resource.

XEROX Parc Map Viewer
This site will create a map for you anywhere in the world according to your specifications.

Travel Time: Travel Information Center
Airline Reservations • Trains & Subways • Car Rentals • Vacations • Destination Information • Special Events • Hotels • Cruises

The World Factbook 1997
Basic information on every country in the world • Maps of world regions • Links to the United Nations • International Organizations • Estimates of Gross Domestic Products of each country and more.


INFOMINE: Comprehensive Internet Resource Collection
This is an unbelievable collection of databases. Databases include:

Biological, Agricultural and Medical Internet Resource Collection

Government Internet Resource Collection

Maps and GIS Internet Resource Collection

Physical Science, Engineering, Computing and Math Internet Resource Collection

Social Sciences and Humanities Internet Resource Collection

Visual and Performing Arts Internet Resource Collection

Instructional Resources on the Internet Resource Collection

Internet Enabling Tools Resource Collection

PRAXIS: Resources For Social and Economic Development
PRAXIS provides access to a vast array of archival resources on international and comparative social development. It has been designed to meet the informational needs of social work educators and students with international interests and other educators and students who require assistance in locating useful national and international resources on social and economic development.


All 4 One Search Machine
Through this site you can search Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos and Webcrawler simultaneously.

Internet Resources Meta-Index
This document is intended to be a loosely categorized meta-index of the various resource directories and indices available on the Internet. Categories include World Wide Web, WAIS, Gopher, Telnet, FTP and an Experimental Search Engine Meta-Index.

World Wide Yellow Pages,7,91-150270,0200.html
Search for business around the world.

Finding an Email Address
If you want to locate somebody somewhere who has an email address. This is the place to look.

A resource for finding information on people and businesses.


World-Wide Web Servers:
This is the summary of a list of registered WWW servers alphabetically by continent, country and state.


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