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The People’s News Agency is a news, views, analysis and literature service for the progressive-minded. The agency is sponsored by Proutist Universal from its global headquarters in Denmark, and serves progressive publications around the world.

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Published bimonthly by the Neo-Humanist Education Foundation, New Delhi, India


The following articles are in the PNA archives:

Toward A Common Future by Roar Bjonnes
Davos Conference Challenged by 20 Million People from Play Fair Europe!
MAI: A New Way to Rob Your Piggybank by Brian Hammer
Eyes on the Information Age by Sohail Inayatullah
Street Children in Mongolia by Kristine Weber
Inheritance Reform in Maharashtra by Annabelle Perkins
Cooperatives by Dieter Dambiec
Ecstasy Junkie by Paul Englar
Food Vs. Feed by Roar Bjonnes
Capitalist Strategy in the UK by David Scott
Globalization Wrong for India by Acharya Krtashivananda Avadhuta
Sick Comedy of Indian Politics by R.D. Singh
Medical Revolution Needed by Brian Hammer
Meditation and Newton’s Law of Motion by Susmit Kumar

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Material provided by PNA may be reprinted if the author is mentioned and if the following information is included: "Reprinted with permission of People's News Agency, Platanvej 30, 1810 Frederiksberg C, Denmark, ". Please send clippings to this address.

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