Returning to the place from where we came, it is part and parcel of the natural order of life. 

Let us remember these great souls who gave their lives for the service of all.

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Acarya Tadbhavananda Avadhuta

Birth date - Unknown; Day of Passing - 20 November 2007

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My Dear Dada Tadbhavanandajii has left!!!

I was shocked into my core when I heard Dadajii left this world. I was really expecting to see him again in this life. His loving care and dynamism is a great loss to our society and the world as general. Actually I fear for the future of this world now that he left without bringing PROUT to the masses. So many dark forces at work to extinguish the fire of PROUT, what could Dadajii do??? Once i asked him about the future of this planet, he was thinking for a short while before answering, then he said: "maybe one million years of hibernation", which off course is shocking, but none the less a realistic view of the future if humanity does not wake up. Baba also mentioned that if the world do not change for the better very soon,
even life will be extinguished on this planet 500 years from now on.

Dadajii was a practical man. An ideal for us here in Denmark. All the establishment of [the organization] in Denmark is due to his dynamic leadership. I followed him all of these years, in one way or the other, so I can safely say that Dadajii was behind the whole of the establishment of Denmark. He purchased the jagrtii in Copenhagen in 1982 or 1983. That property now has a value of 10 to 15 million. He established the Progressive Printing, the press that printed "Global Times" for many years. In the press much other literature was printed. He established the bakeries that still exists in Copenhagen.  He purchased a huge Master Unit at Vig, that was in very bad condition. He organized for people to come and help construction of that MU from all over the world. That was all done with Dadajii's own speed, which only people experiencing it can comprehend. He also made a spiritual bookstore with an café, an Prout magazine editorial office was connected to that place too. Even the kindergarden of Didi he was the main driving force behind. He even organised a global symposium here!!! He organised rallies etc. The driving force of this Acarya is incomprehensible!!! Even now it is difficult to comprehend his achievements!!!

He also was loving and caring. Without him I do not know how my life would have been. Many people think that Dadajii was a tough man, but
he really was a very soft man, who had the proper understanding of people, and in this way dealt with them in a different manner, scolding those who needed scolding, and lovingly caring for those that needed that. I have closely seen how Dadajii took upon himself to correct even very difficult persons, People that no one else wanted to deal with because of the amount of clash involved, Dada was never afraid of clash, on the contrary, I suspect that clash was a bit afraid of him.

I could continue writing about the excellence of my Dear Dada Tadbhavnandajii, but I will end this tribute to my Dear Dadajii with saying to him:

Dadajii you saved my life, you entered my life at my darkest hour, dragged me out of shadows, infused me with your optimism and dynamism, never put my mind down due to some dark corner of my being, but instead illuminated those dark corners with your love. You taught me the real nature of devotion. I owe my all to you my dearest Dadajii!!!

Sincerely Yours


Dada Tadbhavananda was truly a towering personality. For those of us who knew him even for a short period, his elevating expressions brought us closer to the supreme. While visiting him in Copenhagen with all our family in 1991, he conveyed the essence and real value of painca janya that inspired us deeply. At the last June 1990 DMC in Ananda Nagar when Baba had to everyone's surprise not given the mudra we had no idea what was about to happen. It was like living through the Maha Bharata. While many departed the next day, we remained and scurried up to the pandal as we heard screams of "Baba" "Baba". There, as we sat in the back of the tent amongst the local Margiis (for the first time we did not sit front and center) Baba so sweetly gave Dharshan and gave us all a blessing that vibrated to the core of our beings. His Mudra, although scantly seen from the distance, was more powerful then I have ever experienced ----little did we know that Krsna was sending us into battle and that He was telling us in no uncertain terms to MOVE AHEAD WITHOUT that very moment our brothers were being attacked at the nearby train station and this was HIS call to arms. Who better to deliver that message than Dada Tadbhavananda...he along with Dada Manteshvaranda; with all their passion and courage stood in Baba's place and imparted the message of action to be taken. As westerners, we were encouraged to remain in the compound and prepare ourselves for a night of fury.

It was in this spirit, as Baba's valiant general, that I hold dear the memories of my beloved elder, Dada Tadbhavananda. That and also the amazing and most unique and memorable way he gave homage to my loving wife in Copenhagen when he would call her name with so much deep love and affection as though he was singing the Praise of the Lord with a loud burst of elongated air........... I can hear it to this day....... GO........MATI............ GO..........MATI............ A great soul.... no doubt on Baba's lap.

If, by His Grace, we are blessed to meet again, I look forward to coming close to one such as you.

All our love and heart felt deepest wishes to you on your mysterious journey to your Supreme Goal: Victory is surely Yours!

Valmiki and Gomati and family.


Here are a few of my memories of Dada Tadbhavananda. ..

--Kamala (Suva Sector)

------------ --------- --

Dada Tadbhavananda gave me my first lesson of meditation in 1978. I was 16 and living in France. I had been to a talk by Dada Vedaprajiananda who had come to Rennes, the small town in Brittany where I was doing a year of study, while living with a French family. After Dada V’s talk I had requested to learn meditation, so Dada V taught me the next day.(There were very few Didis in Europe at that time, so Dadas were allowed to teach sisters.) He was hosted by Gurucharan and Shiila, a Margii family living in the town.

I visited them often after Dada left and practiced meditation and asanas regularly. After a few weeks, we got the exciting news that Dada Tadbhavananda would be visiting Rennes. I was very excited that an Indian Dada would be coming. That day I biked to Gurucharan and Shiila’s house after school, and came into their living room. There was a small group of people gathered there listening intently to Dada talk on Prout. I remember being so amazed to see an Indian yogi in his bright robes speaking about banking systems and economics — writing notes on a large piece of paper taped to the fridge. I was so inspired by this wonderful blending of spirituality and revolutionary social change.

Later in that day I got a chance to meet Dada and was impressed with his sweetness and humility as we sat in the living room, playing with three-year old Ambika (the daughter of the family.) I told him and the family that I wanted second lesson. They said I wasn’t ready yet. Later, after I had gone home and they had finished sadhana, Dada asked them, “Kamala wanted something — some question about sadhana?”

They said, “Yes, she wanted second lesson. But she has only just gotten her first lesson.”

He said, “Well, I don’t know why, but I have to give her that lesson.”

So they called me and I came the next afternoon. When I went into the room with him and explained what I was already doing, Dada smiled and said, “Oh, you haven’t received first lesson yet.” (I had only received Namah mantra, but didn’t know it.) So Dada initiated me then, and gave me first lesson. I was very happy!

------------ -----

After I finished my schooling for the year in May, the Margiis suggested I should go up to the Copenhagen Training Centre to visit as there was an Prout LFT training going on there with young people from all around Europe. A friend and I took a train there and arrived at the large house packed with inspired young people already deep into their training. The three Indian Dadas were there (Dada Kritashiivananda and Dada Tadbhavananda and Dada Sadhanananda (?)). I was so inspired, even though it was very new to me and very intensive. The inspiration and Prout-dedication that these Dadas created was really beautiful and I was touched by the warm and loving relationship the Dadas had with young European Margiis.

One other memory was that after a few days I needed to take the train back to France to head back to the US where I lived. On the evening that I was leaving, I was heading off to the train station fairly late in the evening. I can’t remember if it was Dada Kritashiivananda or Dada Tadbhavananda — but I feel it is indicative of the kind of care they took for everyone. One of them stopped me as I was leaving and asked if I had food for my journey. I didn’t, so Dada brought me into the kitchen and started making butter and honey sandwiches on black bread for me. He made a small pile and put them in a bag. I was so deeply touched by the sweetness and attentiveness of this care from a person who could easily have considered himself too important or too busy to do this job. Eating the sandwiches felt like prasad as I took my long journey home.

Namaskar Brothers and Sisters,

A great light lights up many other lights. I felt Dada Tadbhavanandaji was a magnetic and inspiring leader as well as very deeply evolved devotee of Baba. Like all of us, he was far from perfect, and those who worked closely with him will know of the many obstacles he faced.

Yet what remains with me is the depth and scope of his spirituality and the resonant voice that sang call and response kiirtans in Copenhagen. I had arrived to the
PROUT office in the summer of 1980 on my way to training. He and Dada Krstashivananda were the two main characters in that office - one the poet scholar (Dada Krtashivnanada) and he, the chanting warrior with the most gentle sense of humor and kind voice.

Dada Tadbhavananda's call and response kiirtans could lasso anyone's heart, no matter how dry and pull in the entire universe. I say this without exaggeration.  I haven't heard anyone since who can lead call and response kiirtan quite that way - it may be a lost art. He would begin slow and with a penetrating call and gradually build the rhythm of the kiirtan until it was at fever pitch with a passionate devotion that certainly taught me the meaning of laser like focus.  Then he would break that with a slow pace again as we regained our equilibrium. Almost always margiis would go into samadhi.

And this was a warrior - a PROUTist - a man who was dedicated to eradicating social injustice. He reminded me of a lion with his long wild hair and beard or a Rabbinical, talmudic scholar. I think he inspired courage in me because of that tremendous devotion to God that he evoked. I knew that if I had to face hypocrisy or deception, or any type of cruelty or evil, that first I had to summon my devotion to God and surrender in deep sadhana. Then the courage would arise. I believe Dada Tadbhavananda shared that with me in the short times I was fortunate enough to work or spend time with him. For many of us, acaryas such as Dada Tadbhavananda were more accessible than actually spending time with Baba, and that was Baba's way --- to build leaders who could represent Him.

So many great souls have moved on recently.

Truly humbling.

Om shanti Om shanti Om shanti

Amala Hrydaya of NYC

Dada Tadbhavananda passes away

I am relating some sad news. Just a few moments ago I heard that Dada Tadbhavananda passed away after a long fight with cancer at 15:25 local time.

I first met Dada in Europe, years ago. I did not have much interaction with him during all these years but I remember some of his lectures during retreats and once I spent a few days with him in Copenhagen after returning from Greenland. At the time he urged me to stay in Copenhagen to help him with pracar. He was always thinking how to do some great work for the mission.

Yesterday I visited Dada at the hospital. He was not conscious but he turned to the side when called by Dada Vishodgatananda who had been caring for him in the hospital. That was the only sign that he was still in this world.

Dada has done great work for the mission establishing the activities in Delhi, Ananda Nagar, Patna, and Copenhagen, where he was instrumental in constructing important centers for Prout.

November 21st:
Yesterday evening Dada's body was brought to the PROUT Bhawan, the building he constructed in Delhi. Many margiis, Dadas and Didis came to pay their last respects to Dada. everyone was quite touched.

This morning the body was carried just about 100 yards down the road to a place called Smas'am Bhumi, where a funeral pyre was set. Margiis, Dadas and Didis were present as the cremation was done in a traditional style with lots of ghee, incense and other requirements.

Dadas from all [corners] were present and at least this sad event brought us back to a sense of family.

Since I came back to Delhi from Ananda Nagar I have been staying in the room Dada Tadbhavananda used to stay whenever he was in Delhi. I used to visit him in the hospital frequently because I was also taking some treatment with the same doctor in the same hospital. During these days I thought how much he worked for the mission and how we can continue this effort and further our mission.

I also spent time with Dadas Vishodgatananda and Citshivananda who were very dedicated and sincere alternating at the hospital day and night, to care for Dada.

It is a great loss for us but Baba has His own plans.

Ac. Rainjitananda Avt.


At Copenhagen PU HQs Dada used to arouse us in the early morning to adore the Lord, made us work, taught us how to cultivate humanity amongst ourselves, to serve one and all. He used to take care at all levels, according inspiration, lavish praise and the best of hospitality on anyone who happened to pass by. Looking after the minimum necessities of many he was modest and frugal regarding his own person, doing more meditation and asanas regularly while bearing the pains of a life-long inflammatory bone disease silently. Dadaji was the field commander who preferred solitary walking in nature whenever duties permitted.


Like numerous others I benefited from extended association with this dharmic whirlwind personality, the antithesis of static bubbling with mirth. Dada was inspirational dynamism personified and also a drastic proutist. At one time he had made us all decide that activities at the large stately jagrti building needed expansion, a scheme that involved the transformation of the largest basement room from being the dull congested home of our printing press into a spacious, vivacious community kitchen. The plan dictated that the room be made considerably taller, so once the press machine had been brought out work started on digging out earth below so that it would be possible to lay a much lower floor and furthering the foundation wall below the existing level -- with the rest of the building all the time standing above! A motorized belt transported soil from under the building through a small window onto a fast growing mountain in the back garden. It was a dynamic as well as dramatic structural rework with no formal blueprint worked out beforehand. Soon work began on extending the foundation wall deeper into the ground. Its impact on the building was perhaps unavoidable: one fine morning inmates meditating blissfully in the DC hall directly above the new promised oasis were rudely shocked by a loud ripping sound accompanying a fast spreading fissure appearing first in the middle supporting wall extending into the ceiling. Proper engineers later fixed it all, shaking their heads over such unheard of resolute approach. Its symbolic impact was never lost on me, and my reverence and respect never faded for this forceful worker of the Lord who continued to shake all of our nonsense foundations thoroughly without thinking much for his own reputation. The new nice and most useful kitchen still gathers Copenhagen margiis for dining together after weekly DC, much in the spirit of Dadaji who loved collective functions.


When one remains and travels with someone one gets to learn things about them that others may not pick up. Once Dada and myself visited a remote temple in Tibet. There we were lost in awe taking in numerous large exquisite sculptures demonstrating various nuances of the varabhaya mudra. The reality of Lord's mystical immanence throughout spiritual tradition and in all life dawned on me, and I felt much indebted to Dada who had been instrumental in taking me to this hard to get to place and clearing my vision once again. Dada himself was in tears and discussed Baba unremittingly for the rest of the day. He appreciated subtle devotional art and music; a synthesist who was able to analyze very nicely what was going on in different parts of the world and make good use of it both in his public presentations and personal inspirational talks, invariably mixed with both heavy and light commentary as well as with healthy doses of laughter. Whatever he wrote was based on authentic experience and genuine reflection. Always constructive and enthusiastic he was never given to useless criticism but continued to plan and work for the emanation of Baba's greatness and legacy in all possible and sometimes even impossible ways. A man of formidable action, practical knowledge and high inspiration Dada lived a very active life and endeared himself to all those who became the recipient of his benevolence and loyalty. Perhaps few other workers knew personally so many margiis and workers around the globe as he did. As SGPU his efforts to generate a global policy body and the seed of a world parliament stranded flatly on the absolute helplessness of the CS’s and the rest of us in adjusting with his intense vision and strong personality. I don’t think his vision was premature, rather the rest of us were immature. A proutist at heart and a most dear and respected elder brother of very many has left us in tears and with very much more work to do for all of us both on the individual and collective level now that Dadaji has moved on peacefully.


Prabhakar, Editor of Global Times 1993-1997


Once upon a time - in Los Altos Hills Jagrti , a great sadhaka stood to give dharmashastra - "Oh, I was finally getting to my Ista Mantra and Nityamshuddham started....''   I was touched then, and remain so by Dada Tadbhavanandaji's humour, vigour, caring for others, and deep deep dedication to His Mission.  Then - there were all those wonderfully dynamic " Prout " years in Europe when Dadaji infused Ananda Sutram chapter 5 into our hearts and minds forever.  Tomorrow is "Thanks-giving Day" here in America - I offer mine with thankful heart to you Dadaji.     

Avkta Ananda Amoha Ac



Dear Brothers/Sisters,

Its sad to know that Dada Tadbhavanandajii left his mortal frame from this relative World recently on 20th Nov 2007 at 15:25 Hours in Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. He was suffering a lot of pain due to Lymph node Cancer which spread through out his entire body being a victim of CBI conspiracy. He was a great Devotee of Baba and contributed unparallel Tasks for Baba's Mission as well as for the entire humanity. I always experienced deep love, inspirations and a lot of useful guidances to move on Spiritual as well as missionary Path. I'm grateful that at least I had opportunity to serve him a bit during last January - February'07 while he was under treatment in SSKM Hospital and Poddar Hospital in Kolkata.

I may have a few story with him which I can share in near future. Many people in the organisation know about his great contributions. May his great-soul be merged with Ba'ba' and remain on His Divine Lap. I'll be glad to hear more about him as Baba used to advice us "to see the bright side of everyone / everything". "It's action which makes a man great, be Great by your Sadhana (Spiritual practices), Service and Sacrifice."- by Baba, Shrii Shrii A'nandamurtijii.

in Him.
A'c Prabuddhananda Avadhuta, Germany.

Once I was with Dada Tadbhavanandajii in POKHRA, NEPAL. We both climbed on the peak of Himalaya (Mt. Annapurna) and experienced very Deep and Long Meditation. I was enjoying the beauty of the Cosmic Panorama on that top of the Mountain. (I have a Photograph with him on that spot). It was very cold over there but it didn't bother us much. It was a long walk too from the local village where the inhabitants used to live in very poor condition. During our way back we met many children and they were asking some amounts (Rupees) and sweets etc from us. We distributed whatever we had. After few minute walking we met more poor villagers, two of the young student (a Boy & Girl, aged 10-12 years) also asked some donations from us. Dada Tadbhavanandajii enquired them the purpose of collecting small amounts from us. They replied that they wanted to buy Pen, Paper to study. We didn't have enough cash available in our possesions. Dada Tadbhavanandajii met their gurdians and invited them with us to the city and purchased new Clothings, Books and Study materials, some foods, etc. and donated them happily. Dada encouraged the family to take care of their Education for those Children. I appreciated Dada's generocity to help to the needy ones.

Dada Tadbhavanandajii came to see us in Japan during 1982. I was posted as a C.S.PU (Chief Secretary, Proutist Universal) for Hongkong Sector (South-East Asia). Our economic situations were not satishfactory in those days but we used to be engaged and active in Pracar activities. Dada Tadbhavanandajii conducted a Press Conference in Keoplaza Hotel, on 35th Floor, in the Heart of TOKYO and declared "PROUTIST UNIVERSAL (P.U)" opening its Office for the Far East. He conducted many Classes on Philosophy and Organisation during Seminars in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan which inspired us a lot.

I know Dada Tadbhavanandajii used to go to Graveyard frequently for Kapalika Meditation while he was in Copenhagen. I also accompanied him a few times.

Recently, while I was visiting him in Kolkata during last February '07 I noticed that Dada was always talking about Baba, Organisation, Sadhana (Meditation) and enquiring the well-being of others from the Universal Family Members. He used to like to hear Prabha'ta Sam'giita (Songs from Baba), Kiirtana and used to tell us Baba-Stories, in spite of having much pains due to Cancer attack. He has also composed some Songs and written valuable Articles while he was in the Prison Cell. Whatever Food items and other needy materials have been supplied into the Prison for Dada Tadbhavanandajii by Dada Pranavatmakanandajii were distributed by Dada Tadbhavanandajii to the other prisoners 80% of them. In that way Dada Tadbhavanandajii negelected his own health a lot while he was under Police custody.

There are many more stories about Dada Tadbhavanandajii's greatness during his life time. He was an Ideal Missionary, a Great Devotee and Spiritual follower of Shrii Shrii A'nandamurtijii (BA'BA').

Ba'ba' Na'm Kevalam .............


Namaskar all,
I remember an small incident in PU office in Copenhagen from the mid 90s. It seem like a minor incident but it reflects the way Tadbhavanandajii lived.
We were a group of 3 acaryas and a few LFT´s that came back from a long day work at the MU around 70km outside of Copenhagen. We were tired and hungry, and looked forward to the meal that one LFT, who had remained in the PU office, had made.  But, to our frustrations, there was just some old bread and a soup that tasted horrible to eat. Everyone complained about the soup and we were going to let the LFT cook get a piece of our mind.

However, Dada Tadbhavananda then came to eat and just when he had started his meal that LFT who had cooked came into the kitchen....but Tadbhavananda must have sensed something, so before anyone could say anything he exclaimed: "Very good food! Excellent! Who is the master chef?! Give me more!" The whole atmosphere at the table changed from gloom and doom to a happy one, and we even started to enjoy our meal.

In my life I never saw Tadbhavandaji - a true vaeragya indeed - show any inclination to any sorts of luxury life, including food. He always maintained a simple life style. And, as even Ba´ba´ has hinted, sanyasins - also in AMPS - have a weakness for good, and often unhealthy, food. While living in Copenhagen I often saw Tadbhavananda eat just a few pieces of bread for breakfast or lunch and joyfully tell those present he was happy there was something to eat - while must other sanyasins would have complained about the standard of the food available.

As Ba´ba´ has said: to overcome one´s attachment to food - or rather keep a balanced diet - is the 6th and last secret of Shiva´s 7 secrets for attaing siddha....
What a great shame that certain people - could treat him as they did, but his personality nevertheless will shine and those who knew will never forget him...

Om shanti


I was traveling with Dada Tadbhavananda many years ago in a train to a retreat in Europe. An elderly women sat across the seat from Dada and for no apparent
reason she looked at Dada and then she looked to me and said: This man is a great man. I smiled to myself and said yes, he is. Whenever I think of Dada Tadhbavananda I think of a very dynamic, compassionate Acharya who's only desire was to bring Baba's mission to the world. I remember him working tirelessly for Prout regardless of his health and inspiring everybody else who was around him to do the same.

Dadajii, we will fondly remember you.

Sister Devika, USA

I will remember him always as a great Proutist who inspired  me very often and I have to thank him again for unexpected and unasked help in a difficult personal situation.

Bábá Nám Kevalam
Candrá  (Berlin)


Baba Nam Kevalam

Dada Tadbhavanandji was a right revolutionary, saint, highly dynamic Whole Timer, Brave, Positive and Inspiring Leader, Loving elder brother and Loving Dada to all.

It's a big loss.  No replacement possible.

My heart sinks in deep sorrow for his long departure..
Baba Nam Kevalm

Shiva, Bangalore.

Namaskar to all,

Yesterday i called a Dada in Tiljala and he was in a hurry to go to attend a condolence meeting in the meeting room of Tiljala Ashram. He said to me that Dada Tadbhavananda is no more. I felt a breeze of sadness around me.

I had a very good relationship with Dada Tadbhavananda though I can't claim that we were very good friends because of the age difference between us. He was almost in my father's age. Whenever i met him, i saw the feeling of affection he showed to me was very intense. It was really more intense from him than mine. I could not resist myself from responding to it. I never worked in his department but he knew me very well. Before or after DMCs, DMSs in Anandanagar when we traveled by train, we spent a lot of time in singing Prabhata Samgiita together. He had an extra-ordinarily melodious and powerful voice when he used to sing Baba's songs. He also asked me on many occasions to sing certain songs and appreciated. Altogether between us there was a very good relationship beyond any explanation.

I met him last in jail few weeks before his release. He was talking to one senior Dada from Ranchi who also came to meet him in jail on that day. I was not able to talk to him much as he took a lot of time with that senior Dada from Ranchi office. After long waiting i got my chance to talk to him. He asked about my wellbeing. Between him and me there was a barrier of many layers of iron nets. From there he couldn't probably see me clearly. It was also in a comparitively dark chamber. He asked my name once and i reply. I saw not so much reaction from him after hearing my name. But he kept on speaking with me. It was after so many years i meet him. So naturally i thought he doesn't probably remember me any more. Then he kept on telling me so many things about the present situation of the mission and was encouraging me to keep up the fighting spirit against all sorts of injustices. He was speaking in Hindi with me which was unusual as he spoke very fluent ! Bengali and in our cordial conversation he used to speak in Bengali only. Another unusual thing in our conversation was that he used all the respectful terms like "A'p" (respectful "you") with me as if he did not know me.

Then when our time was almost going to be over, the guards were giving us warning to leave the place, he again asked me my name. When i again said my name he apparently became very angry and said, "Badmas, tomake jore ekt'a' tha'ppar ma'rbo, etaks'an' na'm baloni kena? Katha' bole jaccho, baloni kena je tumi sudhiira'nanda? A'mi ki Sudhiira'nanda ke cinina' bheve niyechile?" (naughty boy, i want to blow a very hard slap on your face. Why didn't you tell your name? Why you kept on talking without telling your name? Have you thought that i do not know sudhiira'nanda?) I felt the same kind of cordial expression from him towards me like he used to show in the past. I felt a kind of relieved by realizing again that he remembered me. He asked me how is my Prabha'ta Samgiita? Do i still sing? I should never forget it. etc. He said with a deep sadness that he felt very bad as for so many mi! nutes he kept on speaking with me like an unknown person due to my mistake of not telling my name to him. He was mildly scolding me for not telling my name to him and was partly blaming his old age for not recognizing me. When my time was over i came back to Tiljala with a heavy heart leaving Dada in that condition and prayed to Baba for his fast release from that hell.

He is finally relieved from all sorts of worldly suffering. His name will always be remembered for all his noble contributions for Prout and Samaja movements. Specially for his whole hearted contributions for A'mra' Ba'nga'li movement. Hope to see him again working for Baba's Mission togther on another planet. Baba will surely bless his departing soul.


Parama Pita' Ba'ba' Ki - Jay !!!



Dear brothers and sisters, namaskar,
I'm deeply saddened by the passing of Dada Tadbhavanandaji but greatly thankful to Baba for taking him sooner, ending his physical suffering. Tadbhavanandaji was a great devotee of Baba, a very dynamic and inspiring personality. He will always be a very inspiring person for me. A big loss for Baba's mission.
A'c. Sarvabodhananda Avadhu'ta


Tadbhavanandajii - An unforgettable personality



We have been informing from time to time, about Tadbhavanandajii's serious condition, through our list. It was our strong campaign in Kolkata media and with highest officials, including Governor of West Bengal, that Tadbhavanandajii could be hospitalised and released on bail. In this campaign we were helped by many margiis and workers all over the world whose pressure was strongly felt by the Govt. administration here and it awakened to reality. But by that time this killing disease had spread all over his body.

Tadbhavanandajii was a very strong inspiring force. Wherever he went he created a stir and led from the front to take His mission ahead. His dynamism, self-confidence, devotion to Baba and dedication to His mission, were second to none. He was top class worker. It is difficult to find any worker of his category - of his stature - of his dominance. There are definitely many more jewels in Baba's treasure, but he is incomparable.


Tadbhavanandajii was humane. He was generous and his deep devotion to Baba gave him unparalleled confidence. He always engaged himself in constructive activities. Whether it is Kolkata, Tripura, Anandanagar, Copenhagen, Patna, Delhi or many other places where he had chance to work, he left an fogetable impression. His contribution to Baba's mission cannot be expressed in words. There are so many incidents which express how deeply devoted he was to Baba.


 We pay heartfelt homage to this great son of Baba. We are sure that Baba has taken His dear son in His lap.

Ac. Kalyaneshvarananda Avadhuta


Tadbhavanandaji was ruthless in work. He was a Bhiima Karmi. or one who is adept in materializing stupendous tasks. But when he passed away, suddenly every one discovers that Tadbhavanandaji was a devotee par excellence. All those unpleasantness he created was to finish the work he undertook to do. It was perhaps this rediscovery of the tremendous devotion he had for Baba through work that had captured every ones heart with out even their knowlege. When he passed away every one suddenly find that they loved him beyond words. Or is it the fate of all great men? No one recognizes their greatness while they are alive?


It was in the year 1967 that Tadbhavanandaji came to the training center. I was already working on those days in Patna. I distinctly remember. His name was Ac.
Tushara Kanti. He had come was immediately from Benaras. Baba was in qrs no 4 Bailey road, in the house of Ac Rambilasda SP of police. Tadbhavanandaji had come to see me in my school. I carried him in my bicycle to Baba's residence. Soon he was posted as PLO of Bihar. he was the first to purchase a PRESS there. Once we were traveling together by train to Arrah for work. There was time and the train was half an hour delayed. During the course of our conversation, I told him that Baba loves me the most. He said "No Baba loves me most." Both of us were young and the argument became heated and in anger he broke the button of my gown and tore it a bit. I said come to senses it is railway station. The love of Baba was such that each and every one felt that Baba love them the most.

Baba used to call him Hanuman. I used to tease him that Baba is calling him a monkey. He used to be serious and say, No. I am the Hanuman of Baba. There used to be reporting in Ranchi. The system on those days were different as Baba was still Vraja Krishna. It meant a lot of freedom and proximity with Baba. Baba used to sit on his chair and the table was in front of him.. I used to do sashtanga Pranam and kiss His feet as this was my habit.. Once Tadbhavananda saw it and said "you want to escape from severe beatings of Baba. And so you are a hypocritical bhakta so you do this sycophancy". I did not reply as I knew that he was still new.

The scene is shifting to the late 80's. i can easily see Tadbhavanandaji now is a matured devotee of Baba. I told him once "Arei Buddhu, ganga bhah rahii hai, jakei chullu bhar pani piilo" The Ganges is flowing in front of you fill the cup of your hand and drink the sacred water, or go and kiss that sacred feet which is gracing this earth." He will immediately fall down to kiss his feet. I now call him back "you are a hypocritical Bhakta? Is n't it? " By now he could understand the Param Purusha and will realize his past folly. He used to thank me later profusely for hinting at it.

Now i remember 1979, immediately after release Baba started His usual hard work. There used to be perpetual rivalry between Prout and Eraws especially in the Non-Indian countries. Sarvatmanandji was the Samaja Secretary. There was a deep rooted Proutistic friendship amongst Tadbhavananji, Krtshivanandji and Sarvatmanandji. The Eraws headed by the SS's of all over seas sectors interpreted it as conspiracy. So in every reporting the drama will start. T**ed with mirth. The sibling rivalry and the parental admonitions, His stern directives guiding to coordinated co-operation and co-operative competition were the lessons we onlookers got from them.

Baba now is in Tiljala. No one is aware of His impending departure. Tadbhavanandji had to be present all most all the time in Tiljala. Baba will not allow him to move out and He will punish him for not doing the work in the stipulated period. This was His method which no human beings except the close disciples could know. He wanted these head of departments to take work sitting in the HQ as Baba was doing. The last part of training. Baba was in the habit of giving heavy tasks which no human being will be able to complete. **

One day Baba was talking very sweetly to all especially to Tadbhavanandji in His walk around the Tiljala home of Baba..
** So during the course of the walk suddenly Baba turns to Tadbhavanandaji and tells very seriously " Tadbhavanand! now the Ganges is full with flooded water.
You can never finish the targets I give, so why not you just go jump in to the water and commit suicide?"

We all who were hearing will run away to coverings to have hearty laugh. Tadbhavanandaji's face will turn pale due to guilty feeling. Baba never forgot by evening or night to call Tadbhavanandaji and say like an innocent child "arei oije muuer kotha chilo. Hrdayer chilo na. Ami eikhantheike
bolilum ar eikha theike noi." (Pointing to His mouth He will say "oh that was from my mouth and pointing his heart he will say it was not from here" It was only from my mouth and not from my heart.)

Many were His liila and those days have gone far away never to come back.

"Amar Gopal hariye geche,
Anandorei, abhiman korei,
Cholei geche ko'n suduurei,
Ruupa lokei khuuji tarei.

My Gopal has run away and lost to myself,
He took umbrage of my taking Him for granted,
and my show of false vanity and suppressed mental agony,
And went far far away untraceable.
I keep searching Him in the world of forms.

Aar ki Gopal ashbeinago?
Ek bar geche, sriti ki mochchei?
Asha kori ashibei phirei?

My Gopal, will He never return again?
Once gone, has He wiped off the memory form my mind?
Still I hope, He will return once again. "

Tadbhavanandji's body belonged to the hilly Himalayan mountains and the people there are generally not sophisticated. He had his bad days towards the end of his life. I used to go to the jail some times and see him. His revolutionary spirit kept the fire of his eyes burning. The cancer attack was noticed and the jail authorities, hand in glow with CBI will not look at it seriously. At last he gets bail from High Court. He was brought out of jail and immediately rushed to the hospital. I used to go and see him in the evenings whenever it was possible. He used to tell me please sing Prabhata Sangeeta. So i used to sing for him every time I go and sing kiirtan also for him. He would cry and clasp my hands. I used to feel very melancholic for him. What else could I do? he wanted to die in Ananda Nagar and would insist "Take me to Ananda Nagar."  This could not be possible as at times he used to show remarkable progress also.

**We hoped against hope that he would survive. But that was never to be.

Honestly, I could not detect that my heart for him had so much of respect and love. I feel relieved after crying heartily for him.



Dear All Namaskar,
I have never seen him before and even if I did might be I was a too young to know him, but certainly I did hear about his clarity of purpose from some of the margiis experiences and with WT’s. This is certainly a bad news that one more spirited soul who desired for the establishment of Baba’s Ideology and Socio-Economic philosophy has passed away.  

This is a wake up call for many more, who are either in their slumber or trying to find excuses. There is very little time for many of those pioneers to take a leap. Let your experiences with Baba, your knowledge, direct from Baba, be utilized and preserved for the future.

With my deep condolence and great respect, I wish Baba will take care of him for ever.

At HIS Lotus Feet,


I knew dada in denmark. He would come out to the farm and give white choclate to the lfts working there. he coordinated things from the jagarti in copenhagen, and was always struggling to keep everybody happy and fulfill all his duties. He took me to the farm when I left the sweden training center. Later, he arranged for us to do fund raising by selling bakery stuff at the rock festivals. We were able to gradually turn the old barns into dorms, kitchens, halls a bakery etc.  The farm was renovated to the point where the Prout World conference could be held there (1990). I know he had other projects going in Denmark, too, but that was the one I was familiar with.



Dada Tadbhavanandaji's premature departure is sad. He suffered greatly at the injustice done on him. He is a great loss to the world. We can do justice to him if all Proutists take some 'seed' of his spirit and plant it into this world... boldness, strong belief in establishing Baba's mission, devotional heart, loving kindness, inspiring personality.  I saw him at the hospital on the 11th Nov - he was full of Baba's vibration, taking my folded hands he said "we shall meet again"...

Didi Anandarama


Namaskar :

Its a great loss to humanity. Dadajii Tadbhavananda Avt is a Great Soul.

i have met him several times when i was in India and also when he was visiting Singapore and the region.

i have always enjoyed and benefitted alot from his very inspiring, motivating, informative talks and very impressed with his very very creative ways in delivering BABA's messages about PROUT to the audience with very good examples and his method of talking was always in a way which the audience will understand easily all these very profound ideas of PROUT.

In addition, when Dadajii is not giving speeches, i am also very inspired with his satsung, his loving and very humble humane ways and how he lovingly take care of everybody who comes into his contact.

last but not least , Dadajii really have a very good sense of humour and i remember that those all around him ( including myself ) always have a dose of good laughther and also more importantly a deep Spiritual insight and feeling whenever i am having his satsung

Dadajii Tadbhavananda Avt is really a GREAT GREAT SOUL and LOVING SON of BABA

i am very sure the LORD is with HIM , in the past, now and in the future forever and ever.


from brother gurumurti, Singapore

"Those who dedicate their all for the call of the Supreme and inspiration of the Great are veritably the greatest Heros." - Baba

Dada Tadbhavanandaji was a worthy son of our most Beloved Baba. He lived his life always for Ideology. whoever came to know him were always inspird by him even at the sick bed under cancer. Baba was incorrigible optimist and had indomitable will force, so also was Dada Tadbhavanandaji. He was great devotee of Baba, a great Karma Yogii who always dreamt high and took big challenges and risks to fulfill those and a noble Jinani also. He will always be remembered by all of us in our heart. His departure is a great loss to Marga and humanity at large.

May the conscience of those who got him arrested be awakened and they realize this great loss of a dedicated life!

May the departed soul of Dadaji get permanent rest in the lap of Baba!


from "Shraddhainjali" by Ac. Tadbhavananda Avt.:

"In July 1990, I was nominated Central Representative to conduct Ananda Marga Global Convention in Melbourne, Australia... I received a call that I should come in sannyasi uniform, as Margiis wanted to receive me at the airport... I thought that whenever I have taken any missionary work with sincerity, devotion and faith on Baba the thing went all right in every respect. As this was also a most important missionary work, and Workers and Margiis wanted me to go there in uniform, then I must go, holding the invisible grace of Baba. I purchased a cheap ticket by Thai Airlines, and before going to the airport I did maximum meditation, and in a devotionally surrendered way I gave my Australian journey to Baba to look after. As I did that I felt completely secure internally.

"I wore my full uniform... In the departure lounge, two Thai Airlines' airport officers came and asked me by which flight I was going. I answered that I was going by Thai, and they in a pleased way offered to escort me to the plane, to my surprise and wonder. We entered together in the plane and they asked me to sit in seat number 2, just near the cockpit, in the first class compartment... So, all first class hospitality was at my disposal, the best vegetarian food etc.

"There were two questions in my mind. One was why had Baba done all this, and the second was why these Thai people had given me such honor and hospitality. The reply to the first question was, when I have gone out of way for Lord's mission with only His grace to implement my adventurous program, everything was done by Him. The second was that Thailand is a religious country and perhaps they thought I was a Buddhist monk from India. During the night I enjoyed a very good meditation and atmosphere, but then I started to think about the next portion of the journey, from Bangkok to my final destination.

"I reached Bangkok in the morning, and I was assigned a seat on the next flight. That seat was in the last row of the last compartment, just near the toilets. I was wondering why Baba first put me in the best first class seat, and then He put in the worst possible place in the large Jumbo plane. My mind started wavering, and I started lecturing my mind, saying that a sannyasi should not have any attachment with any good or bad thing. Rather the mind should be above all relative things, above pleasure and pain. My mind was not listening to my lecturing and argumentation, but was considering the immediate fact that the place was actually a bad one, that I would be disturbed by the passage of the people and so on. When I failed to convince my mind with lecturing and arguments I started singing Kiirtan in a low voice, for at least 30 minutes. Just like magic, this previously unpleasant place became simply blissful for me. So I felt that all is Baba's grace. The mind moves according to the grace of the Lord."

He is with Baba now.
Dada Maheshvarananda


It is sad and tragic end to the rich Sanyassi life of a great leader.  His legacies will continue.  A day of mourning should be observed locally by Proutists around the world, individually or collectively as suited. 

Ac. Vimalananda

Our former S.G. of P.U. Ac Tadbhavananda Avt passed away today at 3.25pm (20th November 2007) in Delhi. He was suffering from Cancer. His treatment was going on for last many days in Apollo Hospital.

He was a great Proutist. He wrote many books on PROUT and he witnessed many important events of organisation. He will be remembered for his many great services.

Devesh Kumar

A great son of Baba, Dada Tadbhavanandaji passed away in Apollo Hospital Delhi at 3.30 pm today. He was been in coma since last two days. His condition deteriorated this morning. Ever since he was detected to be suffering from cancer early this year, chemo was administered. But his condition was already very advanced and he did not respond different regimes of chemo that was administered. He was under the supervision of Dr. Advani the leading oncologists of India. After his release from jail he was given the best possible treatment under the care Dr. Advani. The fact that he was not responding to the treatment was cause great worry to all. One month ago he was admitted to Apollo Hospital. Despite every effort his condition kept deteriorating.

The mortal remains of Dada will be kept in Malviyanagar tonight and will be cremated tomorrow morning. Anyone wanting more information can contact Dada Vishvaudgatananda in 09871632293

In Him Pranavatmakananda